Weddings, Corporate Parties, Festivals and Events

THE JON BATES BAND has entertained at thousands of conventions, festivals, weddings, and corporate events. To put it simply, THE JON BATES BAND makes a party come alive! They musically generate great excitement and energy! They inspire people to have fun and enjoy themselves. They get people out on the dance floor! This is a band that can truly satisfy any musical appetite. They are well known for their extremely diverse repertoire, which includes Rock, Jazz, Latin, Rhythm & Blues, Motown, Top-40 hits from the 50’s through the 90’s, Traditional Swing, Romantic Ballads, Country, Folk, Ethnic Music, & more.

THE JON BATES BAND uses a professional state-of-the-art PA system to present high quality sound, with optimum clarity at an appropriate volume. This also allows clients the option of having digitally mastered CD’s played during band breaks, and for those who prefer to have “Club Music” included in their overall entertainment package, making the transition between live and pre-recorded dance mixes is never a problem.
THE JON BATES BAND always caters to their client’s wishes. The standard instrumentation of the band includes keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, and a male and female lead vocalist. Depending on the personal preferences, space, and budget restrictions of each situation, the size of the band can be modified to accommodate a more intimate setting, or expanded to a thirteen piece orchestra, with a full horn section.

THE JON BATES BAND is very competitively priced. For any additional information please call (800) 689-8910.