Debbie Major Vocalist, The Jon Bates Band Singer

Debbie Major

Debbie Major is a world class vocalist and performer who has been thrilling audiences for many years with her engaging style and captivating vocal prowess. Her deeply soulful sensibilities captivate the listener as she instinctively embraces each song and makes it uniquely personal for her, and then very naturally conveys those emotions to an audience. Debbie is also very highly regarded by an “upper echelon” of musical peers, and the first person many prominent vocalists and producers call when they need to “take it to the next level”! 

Debbie’s extensive knowledge of melody, vocal technique, phrasing, and repertoire has earned her tremendous praise and accolades from adoring fans and critics alike. She is a prominent vocal coach, songwriter/arranger and instrumentalist. A native of Dallas, Texas, Debbie relocated to the Hudson Valley region of New York State as a teenager, and soon began pursuing her passion for music, and performing and traveling extensively with various bands. It wasn’t long before the A-team players and many industry pros noticed her, and began requesting her for premier events and session work. Critics have described Debbie as “mesmerizing”, “a sensual stylist,” and “a soulful powerhouse”. Her engaging stage presence and undeniable passion bring audiences to their feet every time! Renowned music writer/radio host Larry Flick has praised her unique ability to draw upon broadly diverse influences as she “delivers a performance that proudly wears the influence of Maureen McGovern and Patti Austin – an odd combination that makes perfect sense when you sit back and let Major work her magic…” (Billboard Magazine).

Debbie is also the Founder and visionary force behind “ZYLOFONE” (, which provides powerful music and drama therapy programs that she has developed to encourage and engage people with cognitive and physical disabilities in the magical world of music and the performing arts. She has become well known for her innovative teaching methodologies that empower people to discover and develop their own inherent creative talents. Debbie’s extensive knowledge and experience, combined with her unparalleled professionalism, natural enthusiasm, dedication, humor, compassion, and empathy have provided many aspiring performers with the tools required to embark on successful music careers of their own. A “true professional” in every sense of the word, Debbie Major’s versatility, charisma, and pure creative gift always leave her audience wanting more!